Monday, October 22, 2007

did i mention i like to draw....

I've been attending life drawing classes alot lately, i just made it a habit that i go twice or sometimes 3 times a week, so it would be pretty bad not to put some of this stuff up on the blog for yall to here ya go...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

booze or doodle

this past tuesday i attended another life drawing session but this one is a little different it is held the first tuesday of every month at the vortex known as the "booze or doodle" i don't drink or anything so i just doodled! and just like any life drawing session its a model and you start with gestures and move on to longer poses. but whats different is that its more of a show...a burlesque show...umm well anyways its not as weird as you think it is. actually its pretty cool (free tator tots c'mon on!) see for your self here.

i'm not in any of the photos because they haven't put them up yet but you can get the idea from there previous sessions. but here is one of the drawings i did there, its part of there creative challenge theme.

basically the model for the evening was a dough nut girl and ya got 15mins to make up a theme about the pose she was in, and the old famous stereotype about police officers and dough nuts came to mind.

this has nothing to do with the booze or doodle but i just drew this with my wacom tablet and colored it in corel painter. honestly i don't color my drawings alot and i think i should start doing that more often..