Monday, September 24, 2007

Lets Break!

okay not so much has been going on lately except that i finished school thats all..aww c'mon thats a very big deal, the only thing thats on my mind is finding a job in my field now.I don't graduate officially until December, but seriously though i am glad to be done and now i am ready and excited for that next big step! but till then i will always be drawing and i'm also going to do another animation short that is still undecided rather its traditional or flash but i'm excited about that too.

ok so i can draw all day because i love doing it, but also i do like to take a break and exercise a little bit and that involves breakdancing, honestly i haven't been doing it in a while, but i have been going at it off and on lately its just fun to do. heres one of my favorite freezes that i would normally pull off. this was done with my wacom tablet in corel painter.

this is another drawing i did with my wacom tablet, suppose to look like my girlfriend.

there is another place where i go do some life drawings in thats at the Westwood college on Thursday night. here is some gestures from the past 2 thursday sessions.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shaddup and draw!

Hyenas are one of my favorite animals, so why not?

there is an old skool rap group by the name of "da youngstas" from the early 90s, and its still in my cd player today. So it inspired me to create my own lyrical stick up kids!

every monday night i usually stop by apache cafe and do some life drawing, and this is one of the drawings from last night that i did. If you stay around the atlanta area and ya wanna draw some life drawing on a monday night you should check out apache cafe.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Finally, time for some Artwork!

Alright i carry around my sketchbook like its just a part of my life, so it would be strange for me not to put up any drawings, so on that note check these out! o yeah and I tried to adjust the levels in photoshop as best as i could but my scanner is not that great so i tried to do what i can with the quality. also notice how i try to find an official signature for my name on my artwork :)

so why not start with a purty lady, i mean seriously drawing women is just fun to me
curves, and better poses i mean c'mon!

unfortunately marta(the subway, bus) is my only means of transportation right now :(
but on the bright side that keeps me drawing people all the time:)

what can i say, I love dogs.

enjoy your labor day holiday.